Saturday, July 31, 2010

Park Hopping

I got a great tip from Family Fun magazine recently and when we, surprisingly enough, didn't have any plans for The Reader's birthday I decided to implement Project Parkpalooza. The plan is simple, pack sunscreen, towels, lunch and snacks (or make a plan on where to buy them), load up your children and find as many parks as you can! We started our day off at Krispy Kreme, because nothing says Happy Birthday like a ball of fried dough. The Reader chose a cream filled donut with chocolate icing. The Entertainer and The Thinker chose glazed devil's food. That one with the powdered sugar is mine and had lemon and vanilla cream filling. Mmmmm.
They are always enamoured with watching the donuts go through the conveyor.

Our first park, small and typical so we didn't stay here very long.

Our second park. Just to the right was a sand box. At this point the boys are wondering why their loony mom made them wear their swimsuits.

A stop at a gourmet grocery store for lunch, because nothing says Happy Birthday better than a lunchables for lunch {choke, cough, gasp}. But hey, I did say they could pick out anything. I chose a nice turkey and cheese on a croissant and tried not to think about all the butter that made that flaky pastry possible. I also chose a sparkling French lemonade of which I am officially in love with now. And yes, I did eat that entire platter of watermelon all by myself, why do you ask?

And no trip to this particular gourmet grocery store is complete without a stop at their bakery. Their specialty is Killer Brownies but I didn't point that out to the boys and let them each pick a treat. Mommy's treat(s) is underneath. A Killer Brownie bite which is about 1/16 of a Killer Brownie drenched in chocolate and also an Oreo Ball which was just the weirdest and yet most delightful thing ever, a truffle like with a moist oreo cookie middle.

This was, by far, the best park we went to all day. It had very creative and original climbing apparatuses and also a tiny sprinkler park (we were disappointed with the size of their sprinkler park, we have two others that we would prefer over this one but the climbing part was definitely a bonus).

As was this fantastic sand box which had streams of water piped in for added fun. About this time they were sun drenched and sand covered so we headed home. I had two other parks on my list but we'll have to try those another day!

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  1. I just told your hubby that I thought you were a neat person/mom and that you do fun things! I sure hope you post alot about your school adventures this year...


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