Saturday, July 3, 2010

First World Problems

UPDATE: A couple of you asked what the blog author's top three priorities were, they included a good sized kitchen, three bedrooms on one floor, and a Master bath. It wasn't her priorities that floored me and no one commenter in particular, it was just a thought I had as I looked through the comments. I'll be writing more on this topic later.

There is a blogger that I peek in on from time to time who is following Dave Ramsey's financial advice and has saved up enough to pay cash for a house. 100%. Now I will put it out there that I am dripping with envy that they have managed to do this. I don't deny that.

However, when she recently posted their top three things they were looking for in a house, the post elicited 300 comments. I realize you have to live in a house (technically you don't) and I realize that is a huge chunk of change and there are niceties that come along with houses. But I was just floored by some of the "must haves" of the comments.

Then I was reminded of Nicole Wick's recent post on First World Problems. And boy, do I ever have First World Problems. When I have to mop my nice vinyl floor again because one of my utterly healthy boys spilled something out of my abundantly full refrigerator. When I have to lug out my *other* vacuum cleaner. When I have to wash sheets for *four* beds. And what would my top three priorities in a house be?

I want to say my top three priorities in a house would be
1. running water
2. electricity
3. safe neighborhood

Because really, that's more than we need. But I probably would have a lot more than three house priorities (and those probably wouldn't be it) because I have a ton of First World Problems. We all have First World Problems. If you are reading this, you have a First World Problem.


  1. What were her top three priorities, if I may ask?

  2. Also curious to know her top three priorities. But, I've come to comment to say thank you for teaching me about First World Problems. Wow, they are absolutely everywhere and I am enjoying pointing out to friends, as we talk, that we are in a full blow discussion about a First World Problem. They agree and we immediately set about a discussion more deserving of our time.

    I will not forget the term or all that it means.

    Thanks to you and your blogging friend.


  3. Thank you so much for linking me. I appreciate it... and I'll have my new first world problem up tomorrow. Ugh.

  4. Well put. Thanks for the reminder to count my blessings:)


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