Monday, November 2, 2009

Operation Christmas Child: Extreme Edition

When I did a search on my blog for Operation Christmas Child I was aghast to find out I've never talked about it here.

The premise is very simple, you fill a shoebox with gifts and other needful things, add $7 for shipping, and drop it off at one of thousands of locations. From there your box goes to one of several processing centers and finally on to hundreds of countries to be distributed to boys and girls who perhaps have never, nor may ever again, receive a Christmas present. These children are also told about Jesus and His gift of eternal life.

You can pick up free boxes at your local Family Christian bookstore while supplies last. Please make sure you check out the list of allowable things to pack and do consider adding $7 for each box to aid with shipping.

In light of my recent post about Christmas gifts I wanted to share this story, which was recently published on Operation Christmas Child's Facebook page. What a terrific idea.

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