Friday, February 20, 2009

My Friend June

Have you met my friend June? Well, please go over and meet her and read all about her crazy proofreading, dog babying, Marvin eye-rolling, Topamax loving life. Mr. Steady and I meet with her every night before going to bed to catch up on her day.

Last night June came to visit me. She brought with her a semi truck full of framed artwork, every last one of them was about 4 feet by 4 feet. She lined them up in my backyard. I'm not sure if she was expecting to host an art exhibit or what but that's where she wanted them.

After this, she set up a wrapping station in my back porch on my washer and dryer. Then she went about my house saying how pretty things were, filling up her arms all the while. Next she starting wrapping all these things up for her mom and Marvin and Sleeping Beauty and that very gracious lady at work. She just knew they would love all of my things. And don't you know I started helping her wrap my things to take with her?

After all this she drank a little bottle of something and proceeded to take a nap on my ironing board. I noticed that she had tiny feet and couldn't help but take a peek at the size. She wears size 569 shoe, in case you ever want to buy her a pair, for her birthday or what have you. She already has a zoo sign so just stick with the shoes.
While June was sleeping I decided that Mr. Steady could fix our back door because I kept hitting my head on it. Upon taking a closer look at it I realized that I had in fact been using the wrong door, which was intended to push firewood from the garage into the house without a mess (similar to the cart doors at grocery stores). I am 5'3" and this door was about 2'6". I didn't notice that I had been *CRAWLING* through the door, only that I kept hitting my head.
About that time my alarm went off and my 7 year old was standing next to the bed asking permission to play monopoly. I sure hope June got a good night's sleep because I'm not so sure I did!



  2. I love your dreams, especially when your friends come over. No wonder I was so tired this morning! So much fun for us to have with June and such a short dream to have it in. I do want to mention that I think if you had a dream about Marvin that would be alot funner. He just seems funner then June, but then again he is into more "Guy Things" Then June.

    I have an interpretation for you: You were so excited to help wrap the stuff and gve it away because God wnats you to br ready to find your items "wrapped" in the recycle bin broken when certain individuals visit. This dream was just sort of training.

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