Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you like it shaken or sprayed?

At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw Batter Blaster in the refrigerated section at the grocery store, right there above the cream cheese. I couldn't figure out why they had a picture of pancakes on a whipped cream can. But then I saw that it was, in fact, pancake/waffle batter. In a spray can. I picked up the can, thoroughly convinced it would be full of junk. To my surprise it was organic! I could pronounce all the ingredients and at 112 calories and less than 1 gram of fat per "blast" I had to try it. If for no other reason than to show it to Mr. Steady.

Last night we had pancakes a la Batter Blaster courtesy of Mr. Steady, who was as amused with the novelty as I was. The first batch was ho hum but then Mr. Steady turned up the heat to 400* like the can suggested. The next batches were nicely colored and adequately flavored. The can didn't so much spray the batter, not even remotely blasting batter, as much as squirted batter.

Our final analysis was that it would be great for a single person or a short order cook. But we prefer the "old fashioned" way or as the advertisement on the Batter Blaster website says "For years and years, people have made pancakes and waffles the same old fashioned way...with milk, eggs, flour, mixing bowls, measuring cups...and all that mess." Oh, the horror of it all. To think people actually still use milk, eggs, flour, mixing bowls and measuring cups. Sure, I don't make pancakes every morning but it's more for our health, not the mess.


  1. Amazing...What will 'they' (whoever they is!) think of next?
    We too just do it the old-fashioned way. But these would be good if you were on vacation and wanted to fix food instead of eat out.

  2. Imagine, FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS to acheive a quality product.! Who would have figured.


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