Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Calamity Day That Wasn't

So I guess the spoon under the pillow thing does work, if you count a windchill-below-zero-so-we're-cancelling-school a "snow" day. I think they actually call them "calamity days". I wasn't aware snow or cold weather is a calamity. I think some man who never had children came up with that one because if a calamity is all it takes to check out for the day, sign me up. I'm checking out on account of a calamity for the next 15 and a half years.

And I thought one of my mom's students made that whole spoon-under-the-pillow-turn-your-pjs-inside-out thing up but for fun I Googled it. 147,000 hits people. Try it. Never heard of it until about a week ago.

Last night we knew the cancellation was eminent...we got the 2 hour delay call around 9:00 pm. I thought I was being all smart and good by pushing my classes back this quarter and not scheduling an early morning class. But turns out I didn't actually do the math and I didn't really help things out. Mr. Steady had to travel to the state capital today to take a test for a possible job opportunity so I offered to take my turn rearranging my schedule to suit the childrens. It honestly took no twisting my arm because I know my first duty is to make sure the children are taken care of.

God has the greatest sense of humor because I woke up around 1:00 this morning with the Eye. Consider yourself blessed if you've never woken up with the Eye (or heaven forbid, the EyeS) or had a child wake up with the Eye. Crusted over, dripping who knows what. I've been battling allergies for the past week or more and don't tell my mother but I'm pretty sure it's a full blown sinus infection now. And when I get a sinus infection my eyes feel left out and decide to have their own infection too.

So instead of emailing my profs "Sorry I can't make it to class because my children are out of school today" I got to email them "Sorry my eyelid is the size of Texas and I have molten lava coming out of it". Okay, not really. Usually profs are pretty cool with a "I'm sick and won't be there."

Except my math prof is a little too cool and emailed me back with a "That's fiiiiiiiine (emphasis mine, I know how she talks and I'm sure she emails the same way). You can wait and do your presentation on Tuesday, I'm sure your group won't mind," Um, ok. Thanks.

Turns out the "group" didn't mind because one guy didn't show up and one girl was late and then, of course, I wasn't there. Which left poor Courtney. But then again, I don't think Courtney minds anything. She emailed me and said "Hope you feel better! Z let us wait until Tuesday to do our presentation".

Then I guess my Ed prof is a little too cool too because he signs his email "Me, Kris" and then has some quote from Yoda in his signature. After reading his email I began to think I might have taken an extra dose of Mucinex.

The children are off tomorrow too, for a Teacher Work Day and of course Monday is Martin Luther King Jr day so we have a five day weekend!!! Yay!!!

After a dose of ophthalmic antibiotics (because if your family usually gets the Eye you keep these things on hand) and an hour of vertical drainage (I don't know what that even means) I started feeling better. I made the boys a batch of chocolate chip pancakes and myself a bowl of Banana Split Oatmeal (cooked whole oats topped with chocolate chips, 1/2 sliced banana and three sliced strawberries). Mr. Steady came home and did fabulously on his test (I knew he would). The boys and I never got out of our pj's all day.

Chocolate Chip pancakes and a whole day in your pjs. Told you it wasn't a calamity day.

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