Monday, December 29, 2008


For years I have wanted to make an ice candle holder and this was the year it was going to happen. I had a mammoth ice cream container (if I had to guess it was about a 3 gallon container) just begging to be used. I duct taped another container inside and filled the outer container with water and froze in my chest freezer overnight. I would have liked to put cranberries and greenery inside before filling with water but that didn't happen this time. Mr. Steady was nice enough to free the ice from it's container and placed a candle in it. It was beautiful and worth the effort. And God was so nice to drop the temperature Christmas Eve to freezing so we were able to enjoy the candle holder another day.


  1. Did you just set this outside? Very cute...I think it looks neat even without the greenery stuff.

  2. Yes, we have a covered front porch so we just put it right outside the front door. I would love to line the sidewalk with smaller versions of this but wanted to see how much work was involved this year. We put it on a lid on top of a stool. One word of caution, when choosing your inner container, you might want to choose one with a flat bottom. I didn't think of this and when it was freed the candle wouldn't sit in the center. Mr. Steady fixed this by placing ice cubes in the bottom until the candle would sit level.

  3. I've always wanted to do that too..great job!

  4. An additional thought of caution; If you tell your husband that you are doing this, PLEASE tell him you are putting it outside of the house, and not on the dining room table for a center piece. If you forget to mention this you might be visiting the looney farm.


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