Monday, December 8, 2008

This is the Post Where I Expose My Ego

I am so way cooler than I thought. I found this moss topiary at Hobby Lobby (sorry for the graininess of the picture) and thought it would fit perfectly in our bedroom. It was half off so used some gift money to buy it. When I got it home Mr. Steady laughed at it. But I was undeterred because I really, really like it.

Then the other day I was browsing the Nester's blog because I only do that like five times a day and stumbled across this post, and there at the bottom of the post, on top of her newly cleaned refrigerator was MY moss rock pile topiary thing. And I said to myself "Self, the Nester has that same topiary!" So there...I am cool. And I do have good taste. Because go ahead and tell me that the Nester doesn't have good taste.

Okay, putting my ego back away now. Just had to share.

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  1. lol! i am cracking up!!! yes, you do have good taste! I didn't get to talk to you at churh yesterday....there were tons of people there! i am loving your creativeness!


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