Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Our family's traditional Christmas dessert is Three Milk Cake. I use it to illustrate to the boys that Jesus came to this earth to save us from our sins and wash us whiter than snow (the color of the cake), that Jesus is part of the trinity (three milks), and the wise men came from very far away (this cake's origins are from Latin America). It is a very unusual cake, not at all like typical cake. It is covered with whipped cream and served with a sauce of the three milks. We put birthday candles in it and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The cake itself has a flavor like that of a cream puff and is almost like a sponge cake. Try it the next time you are serving Mexican or Latin American food for dinner.


  1. I love your representation. you can even eat it. what a wonderful example showing your children the reason for our delight in living. i'd like to discuss several things to you at a later time about bringing up boys.Have a fruitful new Year.

  2. I've had this cake at your house, Mrs. K and it is delicious...
    It was so good to see you today at Hobby Lobby. It made me realize how much we miss you guys. We need to get together...


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