Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Customer Service

I want to highlight a company who I believe has great customer service in addition a great product. I happen to enjoy a Godiva Dark Chocolate and Raspberry bar on occasion (very rare occasion since they are about $2.50 each). I thought I would treat myself on the last day of class and picked up a bar at the bookstore.

I waited until I got home to enjoy it and I was sorely disappointed to find that it was chalky and grainy when I bit into it. I knew this was not Godiva quality chocolate so I decided to email the company. I got a rapid response and a form was emailed to me, which I filled out and emailed back.

Two weeks later a small box appeared on my doorstep and look what was in it!

I thought this looked like it might make a good Christmas present, or perhaps stocking stuffers? Thank you Godiva for your great customer service!

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