Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freshening Up Frugally

Scrapbook paper is a great way to freshen up the look of your house. It's cheap to begin with and it regularly goes on sale at Hobby Lobby. Remember my house number project...

and the tiny picture frame I had no picture for? Just add scrapbook paper!

I bought one of these frames then later found two more in brown that matched it. Mr. Steady spray painted them for me (do you see a pattern with Mr. Steady and the spray paint?) and now I just need to buy matching mats for them. But until then we'll enjoy them this way for the winter.

For the "J" and "Y" I found a font I liked in Publisher and flipped it the letters on the monitor so they were backwards. Then I traced them onto vellum by holding up the vellum to my monitor. Then, using transfer paper, I traced them onto the *back* of my black scrapbook paper. Then I cut them out and applied with adhesive. The "O" is just a paper snowflake cut out of plain white printer paper. These frames are 10x13 so I took reversible scrapbook paper and when I cut the 2" off the side for the 10", I applied it to the top of the other side to accommodate the extra 1" and let it overlap a bit.


  1. how creative! way to go, i love the joy.

  2. hey, we need to get together. You are way cool with all your projects. i am missing talking to you. are you done at LF's yet?


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