Monday, November 10, 2008

Sock Weather

Can it really be sock weather already? The boys wore an undershirt for the first time today. Once I heard the "rule" that you are supposed to always wear two shirts and socks in months that have the letter "r" in them. Sounds like a good idea, so long as you don't live where I do, where the weather can change on a dime.

When The Reader got off the bus he was wearing only his undershirt. Good thing we bothered to put two shirts on him this morning. He was carrying his shirt and coat...good use for them, arm candy.

Tonight I have resorted to putting on a sweatshirt and socks. If I have to put socks on, you know it is cold. I've been known to wear flip flops in snow before.

I'm not complaining about the cold, or the fact that it snowed yesterday. I like snow, especially when I'm inside in front of the fire or baking a batch of cookies. We're entering into my absolute favorite time of the year!

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