Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Real Makeovers for Real Budgets, Part 2

Earlier this spring I had mentioned flipping our dining room and playroom. One day when my good friends KennyD and Marcella Kay were over the three of us manhandled a dining room suit, a room of toys, an uber heavy reclining couch, and this dresser:

I didn't want the dresser in the new playroom so we temporarily tucked it into a corner in the living room. Then I bought this sign at Hobby Lobby for half price ($15) and ever so sweetly asked Mr. Steady to hang it for me.

I picked up two lamps for $1.00 each at the thrift store (they are a matching pair even!) and Mr. Steady splurged on these lamp shades for me. The shades were $14 each.

I added a black satin ribbon to the sign to give the illusion that it is hanging. I paid $1.99 for the whole spool.
Then I shopped the house and gathered up all the gold gilded picture frames I have. The three in the back were gifts from my aunt, that's my grandmother and grandfather on either side. ($0)

I didn't have enough sepia toned pictures to put into the other two frames so I went through my scrapbook stash and cut pieces of scrapbook paper to fit ($0). Then I added a few other things I found around the house...a black wire basket, a garden finial, and a small wooden box with some doilies tucked in ($0). I bought a bag of small gourds ($3)and am busy thinking up the next thing to fill the wire basket with for the Christmas/Winter season.

I feel like the dresser needs a scarf or table runner or something to that effect but I am not quite sure. I am thrilled with the overall effect and love the soft lighting from the lamps. To me, the best part is creating a cozy little nook for less than $35.


  1. Sign $15
    Lamps $ 1
    Misc. Other Stuff $19

    A Happy Wife $Priceless

    MasterCard - Some things in life are just worth it.

  2. Hi Jenny! I found you from Jill's site. Love love love the cheap makeover!!! You need to check out
    she has some neato cheap redos on her site!
    Have a good day!


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