Thursday, November 20, 2008

Men and Their Leaves

I do not get men and their leaves. Can someone please explain to me why one of my neighbors is riding around on his lawn tractor *in the snow*? Because when I asked Mr. Steady he said "Gotta get rid of the leaves somehow." And now here I sit looking out of my lovely new office window and another neighbor is mowing the pile of leaves in the street. In.The. Street. Cars are swerving to miss him. He is mowing leaves in the street. Did I mention he is in the street? Not next to the street in his curb lawn. Not really close to the street. In it. Yesterday Mr. Steady spent about an hour, maybe more, raking leaves. I think he does it more for therapy than to actually move the leaves.

As a side note, I smell paint fumes and that, dear sisters, is a very good smell right now.

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  1. yeah, your bedroom is being painted by that steady man of yours.its coming!


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