Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have You Heard?

McMama is hosting a contest over at her blog. She is giving away some way cool stuff. If I win some cool stuff for my "camera" that would mean I would have to buy a camera, wouldn't it? I have a camera that is about 5 years old but it doesn't hold a charge so all the photos you've been seeing have been courtesy of my dad's generosity of letting me borrow his camera. But the custom header alone would be a very cool thing.

I've been very inspired by McMama's story and have had the blessing of praying for her family, especially little Stellan. Go visit McMama and if you have a blog enter her contest!

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  1. Howdy. :)

    I just have to say - I cracked up @ the comment you left on Mckmama's blog. LOLOL! Too funny. Happy Saturday! :)


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