Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

I am jumping on the Not Me Monday bandwagon today because I did not have plenty of things to add to this post.

I did NOT delete all my HGP posts because I haven't been doing my weekly deep cleans. Not me, I have completed everything on my list each week.

I did NOT tell my children on countless occasions that they could snack on whatever they could find in the kitchen this week. And when FirstBorn said all he could find was a piece of gum I did not say "Okay, that sounds like a great snack". I always have a well stocked refrigerator full of healthy, ready to eat snacks.

I did NOT let my children play on the Wii for an unknown amount of time yesterday because I was too sick to care and as long as they were letting me sleep they could have been building a bomb for all I cared. My children are always actively engaged in mind stretching activities.

I did NOT let my children go to school today in clothes they wore Saturday because I didn't do laundry last week. My laundry is always caught up and my children always go to school in clean clothes. Their underwear and socks were clean for the record.

I did NOT do a Wii Fit Body Test this morning when I knew I would have a lower weight from being sick all day yesterday. Nope, that thought completely did not even cross my mind.

I did NOT take home the box that the toy came in from Burger King last week and promptly make a pattern off of it, cut it out to make sure it worked and then try to plan a party around the possibility of handing out little favor boxes. I have way better things to do with my time, like cleaning my house and making healthy snacks for my three precious children. I NEVER revert to crafty things like this when I want to disengage myself from reality. I am always present and in-the-moment when my children and husband are awake.

And I am absolutely, without a doubt, am NOT sitting here blogging, eating junk food and watching a soap opera at my parents when I am supposed to be working right now.

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