Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Each night at dinner we play High-Low, where each member of the family tells what the high point of their day was and then we go back around and share what the low point was.

SecondBorn said his high of the day was (and I quote) "Taking it easy on the couch." Mr. Steady and I could not contain our laughter. Where does a 5 year old even get the notion of "taking it easy?" From Frog and Toad, of course. It seems he had been enjoying the book earlier and one of the characters said he would stay home and take it easy. So that is what the SecondBorn thought he would do too. Too funny.

At one point it seemed the boys weren't paying attention when we went around the table so we started having everybody repeat what everyone before them said. This has really seemed to help and make everyone feel heard. Sometimes the boys like to add silly things like the most surprising part of the day or most exciting.

My favorite answers to hear to High-Low are
  • High point "Right now" when we're all sitting around the table sharing about our days
  • Low point: "I can't even think of one"

What do you do to start the dinner conversation?


  1. That's a great idea! We've done the "What are you most thankful for about today?" but that's it. I like the High-Low idea!! Might have to try it!

  2. My high of the day was reading your Blog.... My low of the day is when you don't post


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