Thursday, December 5, 2013

eShakti - It's Like Having your Own Personal Tailor {$30 off Coupon Code!!!}

I very rarely even look at ads on the side of blogs and other websites I visit.  I'm sorry, I know that is how most of you feed your family and keep the lights on but I just don't look at them.

However, back in the spring a green polka dotted shirt caught my attention.  I had just learned a lot about myself through the Dress Your Truth website and knew that this particular shirt was made for a Type 1, which is my type.  Polka dots and asymmetrical lines?  Yes, please!

So I clicked on the picture and found myself in the very fun world of eShakti.  Have you ever tried a dress on and wished the sleeves were 2-inches longer and the neckline were just a smidge higher?  Me too!

Of course, the perfect solution would be to call up your favorite local seamstress, like Jill, to start from scratch and tailor your dress to your every curve and preference.  But sometimes you just really like a dress that you see on your screen and want to suit it to you a little more.  Or maybe, sadly, Jill isn't a 30 minute drive away from you? 

eShakti offers dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, and even bridesmaids dresses.  You can customize the neckline, sleeve, and length of most of their offerings.  You can add your own measurements and save them for future shopping.  You can even remove pockets and embellishments!
I greatly dislike buying clothes for myself but once I saw I could customize this shirt, plus as a new customer I received a $25 off code and free customizations, plus they were having a sale, plus I had a few bucks in my "blow" category, I knew that shirt was mine.

I entered my measurements, chose my custom neckline and sleeve length and waited very impatiently for my new shirt.  It fit perfectly!  I loved it!  I wore it once a week...ok, maybe twice a week, until the weather turned cooler and now am on the hunt for a fun cardigan to layer over it.

Want to try eShakti for yourself?  Well, the great news is they are offering my readers not a $25 off coupon like everyone else who visits their site but a $30 off coupon!  And right now they are having a 35% off sale until December 9th which means you can get a pretty fantastic deal and maybe even have a new something special to wear by Christmas!

Just enter the code JENNIFERZ8CX to get your $30 off (don't click the 'Register today for $25 off or else you'll miss out on the extra $5 off!).   Plus, you always get free customizations on your first order!  What's not to love?

So go shop around and see what unique and custom clothes you can order for yourself! 

Just for fun, go take a look and then come back and tell us what you'd like to buy!

*Links included in this post are affiliate links and I may receive some compensation for your referral purchase.


  1. I love all the dresses...and you get them with sleeves and pockets?? That's amazing. Unfortunately I don't have any blow money right now:o) How long can the code be used? Maybe I could buy a dress with my Christmas money...

    1. Hey you - been thinking about you, hope all is well? Each item will tell you what you can customize at the bottom of the page, sometimes all the sleeve options aren't available on every dress, etc. I believe this code doesn't have an expiration date - and they run sales pretty frequently.


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