Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Attempting to Tame the Paper Monster

Mr. Steady has been after me for a while to utilize the scanner we purchased two years ago. He has asked me to scan all the magazine articles and recipes I clip in addition to all of the boys' schoolwork and artwork.

Several years ago I came into some large nice clear plastic pouches that were the perfectly odd size of the preschool's art paper. As I was putting away the 4th quarter papers I realized FirstBorn is on his third pouch and he's only entering second grade. After some quick math I realized this artwork is going to quickly overtake my house. So I schlepped the artwork upstairs and am slowly plugging away in scanning it. It's a great time passer while I'm making my phone calls.

As I am scanning FirstBorn's journals I am translating what he wrote because in fifteen years I might not be as good as interpreting his handwriting as I am now. After I am done, we will go through together and keep 4 or 5 original pieces from each grade and the rest will be sent to grandmas and great grandmas. One great-grandma is a nursing home so we might send the majority to her to pass around and share with the residents.

I just hope I can recall these recipes when I'm looking for something new. How do you keep your magazine inspirations and recipe clippings tamed?

I'm keeping this one for a special occasion...to put on his changing room door the day of his wedding maybe?

Fun Summer Giveaway

Monica is giving away a fantastic $120 gift card from Lands End! I really enjoy her blog and I really, really enjoy Lands End. Her particular post is on their swimsuits, which look lovely but I've never purchased. I really like Lands Ends clothing, both for the boys and for me. When I worked full time our uniforms came from Lands End and we experienced excellent quality products as well as superior customer service. We would order shirts, send them back, order different shirts, send them back, on and on until we found a fit and color everyone was happy with. I am so happy their products are in Sears stores now so you can feel them, try them on, and coordinate them. But above all, my absolute favorite thing about Lands End is their plus sized selection. Most places that sell plus sizes go one of two ways, way too sexy or way too frumpy. Lands End does something that I don't know why more stores don't do: make the same clothes, only larger. You can buy great, classic clothing in your size! What a concept! Don't forget to go over to Monica's and leave a comment to be entered in her giveaway.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Amen and amen

Gonna need hankies for this one.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday BabyBoy!

Today is your second birthday! I can't believe we've been blessed to spend two sweet years together! You are a joy and a balm to my soul. You had a rough start and a couple of speed bumps along the way but God has given you such a spirit and a smile that smooth everything over.

You are a ham and love to make people laugh. You love to dance and sing, at church you grab any book that resembles a hymnal and just start singing. I know your song delights God as much as it does your daddy and me. You love to help, setting the table, emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the floor. You live big, you scream big, you cry big, and you laugh big. You only say two words "Mama" and "hot" but somehow you get every single thing you want. You refuse to have anything in your crib, no blanket, no pillow. You are your brothers' sun, moon and stars. Each morning, FirstbornSon cuddles with me in bed and within five minutes always asks if he can get you out of your crib, even when you are not yet awake.

I always wanted three boys. Kristine found a letter I wrote to her in March 1992. It said, "...I want to get married to a nice man and have three little boys...". God heard my heart and granted my prayer but he made those three little boys the sweetest things you ever laid eyes on and that "nice man" is 1000 times more than I ever dreamed.

Thank you, Abba Father, for BabyBoy. Thank you for never leaving his side while he was in the NICU. Thank you for helping him plug along when he couldn't gain weight. Thank you for your healing hand when he had his febrile seizure. Thank you for sitting with me through all the sleepless nights with earaches, toothaches, and just I-want-to-be-with-Mommy-aches. Bless him, Father, and may he always follow and serve you above all. I pray that as he grows, he would do so in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with you. Help Mr. Steady and I to be the parents you designed us to be and may we always reflect your will and love for our children. Amen.

Happy Birthday BabyBoy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today I made a list on the computer of all the books FirstbornSon read for First Grade this year. He had an agenda where we recorded them but I wanted to file it in the circular file so I typed the list up. I was quite surprised to find that he had read 347 books! He received an award for reading the most minutes - over 3,000. For a child who says he doesn't like reading, I'd say he did pretty good. Here are were a few of his favorites that I saw repeated in his agenda:

Jumpy Jack and Googily - a new book with sweet illustrations and even had me laughing out loud!

Kid Tea - had my children begging to take a bath so they could see what color "tea" they would make.

Not So Tall for Six - I make an effort to choose books whose characters are near the same age as my boys so they can relate. I think it makes reading more enjoyable.

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle - a read-aloud that I read to the boys, they loved this one and I promptly read them two more in the series.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well, that worked well

So I have been reading A Life that Says Welcome by Karen Ehman (find it at your local library). Last night I decided to put all the excuses aside and treat my family better than company. I wanted a summer theme and, following Ehman's advice, used a khaki colored sheet as a tablecloth. I have a beloved cream platter that I like to put cranberries and white votives on at Christmas and I had these Yankee Candle Greenhouse candles. So I puttered outside and plopped some potting soil on the platter and settled the votives in.

Then I took out my Cracker Barrel maple syrup bottles, added two tiny vases to the lineup and tied the letters B-L-O-O-M, one on each bottle. I added a geranium stem and petunia stem to each bottle/vase and placed one at each place setting. MiddleBoy asked "Are we having company?", just as predicted in the book.

I made a simple dinner of nachos (Mr. Steady's favorite and now FirstbornSon's as well). For dessert I made chocolate milkshakes served in canning jars complete with whipped cream.

Crazy things happened. MiddleSon stopped playing the computer to help me set the table. Mr. Steady asked me to make him a chocolate shake instead of the cherry cordial one I had planned for him (he doesn't particularly care for chocolate but said he wanted to make it easy on me), and when FirstbornSon was licking the ice cream scoop and MiddleSon came in and asked for a lick, FirstbornSon quietly handed over the scoop! FirstbornSon did the dishes without complaining and everyone went to bed happy. All because of a tablecloth, candles and flowers? Or because they felt special and loved? We might have to do a double-blind study to conclude the findings.

This was the first evening in several weeks that Mr. Steady was home in time for dinner. We drank our milkshakes on the porch and shared a game of HiLo (where everyone tells their highest and lowest parts of the day). Everyone said their high point was dinner and that was thanks enough for me.

Wish I took pictures but our camera isn't keeping a charge so we're saving up to buy a new one. Maybe next time I'll have pictures to share!

Oh yes, and Mr. Steady's projects are half completed and I am ticked pink with the results...pictures forthcoming ~ I promise!