Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review - "A Home in Drayton Valley"

Bethany House asked me to review Kim Vogel Sawyer's A Home in Drayton Valley.  Frail and sickly Mary Burbacher dreams of a better life for her two young children.  Her husband, Joss, though a hard worker is an alcoholic who gambles away his paycheck.  Mary's dearest friend Tarsie, an immigrant from Ireland, tries to nurse Mary back to health and suggests Mary and Joss move their family to Kansas and offers to finance the trip.  When his debts are being called in Joss has no chance but to agree to Mary's request to move.  But Mary has a secret and insists that Tarsie go along with them to see to Mary's medical needs.  When tragedy strikes along the way, Tarsie makes a promise to Mary that she doesn't know if she can keep.

I really enjoyed this book, the characters were multi-dimensional, my favorite characters were Tarsie, Joss, Simon and Ruth.  This story delves into many topics, marriage, prejudice, and prohibition, just to name a few.  The best part of this book is seeing characters soften and change as you see God working in their lives.  Good reading!

Disclaimer: Bethany House provided me a copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are solely mine.

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